Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan is a 27 year old graduate of Emory University, where he finished his Master's of Theological Studies degree. He attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio receiving a BA in history (2000). He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi (Classics), and Phi Alpha Theta (history). His interests include religion (particularly Catholicism), history of all kinds, health (running, hiking, etc.), and hanging out with friends. He is currently a subsitute teacher.

Growing up, he enjoyed rock music, especially bands like U2 and the Cure. He discovered "oldies" around 1994 and this included the Byrds. They quickly became one of Jonathan's favorite bands and he started the Byrds webpage in late 1997. His musical interests are varied, although folk and country rock are still the favorites. He loves Gram Parsons, Gene Clark, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Bob Dylan, the Vigilantes of Love, and other artists in that vein. He enjoys other types of music too, but not in the same way he loves folk-rock and country-rock. He has a wonderful girlfriend in Australia and is visiting soon!

Favorite Byrds Albums: Notorious Byrd Brothers, Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Untitled
Favorite Byrds Songs: Bells of Rhymney, 5D, Goin Back, Drug Store Truck Drivin Man, Bugler, Hickory Wind
Favorite Ex-Byrds Albums:Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons), Gilded Palace of Sin (Flying Burrito Brothers)
Favorite Ex-Byrds Songs:Return of the Grievous Angel, $1000 Wedding, Love Hurts (all GP), Break My Mind, Juanita (both FBB), and Why Not Your Baby? (Dillard and Clark)
Favorite modern country/folk rock album:To the Roof of the Sky by The Vigilantes of Love

David Bennett
David is a 27 year old graduate of Ohio University and Emory University. He came to appreciate the Byrds rather early in life at age 15, but it wasn't until recently that he was overtaken by their country-rock material too. His other favorite artists are the standard country-rock fare (Gram, FBB, Joe South, Railroad Earth, Townes Van Zandt, Vigilantes of Love, etc) as well as folkier artists like Barry Mcguire, Tim Hardin, and Bob Dylan, rock musicians such as Badfinger, and finally vocal artists like Rod McKuen. He likes to run and hike outside, read classical writings, and write. He is known for all the vitamins he takes and his personal interest in alternative medicine as well as finance. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi (Classics), Phi Alpha Theta (history), and Psi Chi (Psychology), the Cancer Control Society, and is a member of the Catholic Church. He likes to hang out with his friends. His home page is Here. For a list of every album he owns, click here.

Favorite Byrds Albums:Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Untitled
Favorite Byrds Songs (changes often): Just A Season, I Am A Pilgrim, Hickory Wind, Chestnut Mare, Satisfied Mind, One in a Hundred.
Favorite Ex-Byrds Albums: Gilded Palace of Sin (Flying Burrito Brothers)
Favorite Ex-Byrds Songs:A Song For You, New Soft Shoe (all Gram Parsons), My Uncle (FBB), Why Not Your Baby? (Dillard and Clark), and Past Addresses (Gene Clark).
Favorite modern country/folk rock albums: "To the Roof of the Sky" and "Audible Sigh" by the Vigilantes of Love

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