Byrds of a Feather

We received another letter from Andrew Gold and have the newsest information on his band, Byrds of a Feather. They are Andrew Gold, Jeff Foskett, Pat Robinson, Jimmy Caprio, Stephen J. Arti, and Randell Kirsch. Here is his letter and the website:

Hi. Just a quick note to say that Byrds Of A feather is off and flying. We have two shows scheduled in LA, OCT 1, and 15, at the MINT, 2 long sets, 10 pm $10. Call ahead for tickets because it's gonna be sold out. Some special guests MAY show up, but either way, it's gonna be all Byrds, from Tambourine Man to Notorious Byrd Bros. PS. All original Byrd members always free, and welcome to join us onstage, obviously!

Visit them at www.byrdsofafeather.com

Musicians Wanted

Here is a letter from Andrew Gold that I'm passing along to anyone out there who is qualified:

Hi. Andrew Gold here (Ronstadt, Lonely Boy, Thank You For Being A Friend, Mad About You etc). I've been a Byrds fanatic since I was 14 and have continued to be in touch with Roger, David, and Chris. With their blessing, and with the promise that they may sit in from time to time, I'm starting a once-a-week, LA based, all BYRDS tribute band, and we are gonna do nothing but Byrds songs, especially the first 5 albums, which to me was their golden period. I will probably set up camp in a place like the MINT or THE JOINT or somewhere along those lines, so I can pack 'em in like Waddy Wachtell and Jack Tempchin does on Mon nights at the Joint (SRO every week, with celebs always dropping by). BUT WE NEED A FEW PLAYERS! POSITIONS AVAILABLE. We have a bass player. We have me (I'll be Mcguinn- re 12 string and Jim/Roger's vocal parts), and we have someone who can play Crosby's guitar parts, What we need are 3 things that would be great to be able to find in 2 people: A drummer, preferably one who will be able to imitate Michael Clarke's drum style, and we need someone to play handyman, playing some keyboard parts, some maracas and tambourine, and some acoustic guitar. AND, most importantly, we desperately need someone who can sing (strongly and in tune!) David Crosby's vocal harmonies/songs etc. If the keyboard/tamb guy can do that it would be perfect. OR, if we have someone who could play David's guitar parts and sing that would work great..but we need a voice as much like David's as possible. High harmonies. You don't need to look like them- and you don't HAVE to be a man either. Just good. So, if anyone is available, would like to have A LOT of fun, and is good, please contact me at andrewgold@aol.com. Thanks andrew

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