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Recently we have moved locations twice (from geocities.com to a subdomain at churchyear.net) for financial reasons. For awhile the byrdsnet.com domain did not work. We have retained the domain name to point toward our new address, byrds.churchyear.net. Please visit us at this new address, where we hope to be staying for a long while.

David Chirko has given us a great new review.

The Byrds favorites page has been updated. Remember to send in your votes! Also, David Chirko has graciously sent an update of the Byrds Album Ratings now including up to 15 sources!

Sadly, we are taking the lyrics page down. Please visit Here to learn more. The links and the favorites pages are also updated. Thanks to David Chirko for his help in getting poll participants.

David Chirko has graciously given us a new covers update. Also, the favorites poll is updated to include faves from a couple Byrds and their kin.

Happy Holidays to everyone! There is another update of the covers page contributed by David Chirko.

There is a new covers list from David Chirko including "Uncut" material.

David Chirko has sent us another update from his wonderful covers page.

David Chirko has sent us an updated covers list that is, as always, worth checking out. Visit the news page to find out where Clarence White placed on Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists of All Time List

There is a new covers list from David Chirko that, as always, is worth checking out

David Chirko has sent us an updated covers list that is, as always, worth checking out. Visit the news page to find out where Clarence White placed on Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists of All Time List

We have added a Review for "Ballad of Easy Rider." We also now have a Byrds Store. This service is in affiliation with Amazon.Com. We hope your summers have gone well, and as always, the Byrds and their offspring have been the "soundtrack" to yet another summer!

We have just ripped another MP3 from "Barry McGuire and the Doctor." This new track, Too Much City features Barry, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete, Billy Mundi, Bernie Leadon, and Byron Berline! Its a long tune, so allow for extra download time. Visit The Barry McGuire Album Page for more info.

There is finally a new lyrics page update to include some of the unreleased material. These 7 songs bring the total to 114. We've also added a link to the official Nudie (think Gram Parsons) website.

We have updated the links page to include some much needed links to Chris Hillman, Gene Parsons, and John York websites. We also have new information in the news page about Roger McGuinn's "lawsuit" against Microsoft.

The new domain is working. Please change bookmarks and links. We, joined by friend and internet music presence David Coyle, saw a local band, Bucktown Kickback play in a small park. They reminded us of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Railroad Earth, and the Byrds, with Dave C. yelling out "It's Sneaky Pete!" at one point. The playing of banjoist Gary Puckett (not the Gary Puckett) reminded us of the hypnotic banjo on "I am a Pilgrim," and Adam Brooks Dudding's original songs were inspiring and catchy, borrowing from the bluegrass tradition with a hint of blues. The upright bass playing of Jay Donovan and the occasional "fuzz" pedal steel sound (provided by Alex Anest), mixed with the drumming of Dave Blankestyn, further ensured that this concert would be well worth remembering. The small-town setting, with the occasional train zooming by, was a perfect complement to the band's downhome, alt-bluegrass style. Thank goodness that quality music is still being made, albeit virtually ignored by major record labels.

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The covers page has not been updated properly as we are having technical problems. The update should happen in the next couple of days. We have also added information on the Byrds Parts 2 album in the links section.

Thanks to David Chirko for updating his wonderful covers page. There is a new link to Byrdsesque band Oseeo in the links section. The upcoming events page has been updated to reflect a new magazine article on the Byrds. Finally, Byrds member Skip Battin has passed away. We will miss him. While many unfortunately consider him one of the least talented Byrds, we have enjoyed his music greatly, and respect him for his contribution to the country-rock genre.

We have updated the poll page. Thanks to all who have voted! If you haven't, we'd love your contribution. Also, there is a new, upcoming John York concert.

We have added a new schedule of John York shows courtesy of David Chirko. Also, David needs help concerning his Byrds covers page. Click here to help him out. Thanks to all who are submitting their faves in our polls.

We have received another big update to the Byrds covers page thanks to David Chirko. Also, taking the idea from David, we have added a Byrds Poll where you can answer some questions regarding your Byrds favorites. We are keeping a running tally of answers, so your participation is appreciated. Finally, our old email address is no longer valid. Please direct all letters to jrbennett96@hotmail.com

David Chirko has sent us another update to the Byrds covers page. This is a wonderful resource; please check it out! Also, the list of faves will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year! Recently we made a few minor updates. We added a review of Dillard and Clark's import CD compilation. We also updated some links, adding Townes Van Zandt to the mix. We also made a few minor corrections to pages. We are considering making more MP3's available here from unreleased albums, perhaps the entire "Barry McGuire and the Doctor" album, which was made with members of the Flying Burrito Brothers. This time the samples will be better quality (as we now have the software to burn them from LPs).

Thanks to David Chirko, we have a new addition to the Byrds covers list and a new source added to the Byrds Reviews Compilation. We've also added a new page, one that lists upcoming events for Byrds related bands, such as concerns, etc. Thanks again to David for providing us with the first event. We've included another song on the lyrics page, "Love That Never Dies" and would like to thank Gary Celum for sending that in.

We have new additions to the covers list and the Byrds Reviews Compilation. Both of these are maintained by David Chirko and we appreciate his work and input to this site! We are also getting ready to start a favorite song and a favorite album page where Byrds fans can email us and we'll list their favorites. Get your lists together, because we'll be starting this page soon. No emails now, please, we'll let you know when we're ready. Once again, we'd like to thank David Chirko for suggesting this idea. Andrew Gold has formed his Byrds covers band and you can go here for info!

David Chirko has downloaded more additions to his covers archive, so please visit the page again for new information. We've added a new link to the links page. Also, we'll be out of town for a week and then we're going out of the country for a couple of weeks. We will still be receiving emails, but it may take awhile for us to get back to you. Thanks.

David Chirko has given us more information regarding the Byrds covers list. He also has updated the compilation of Byrds reviews, including more entries from the All Music Guide. Check these out, especially if you haven't yet. Also, any qualified musician interested in playing Byrds music with Andrew Gold, please go here. Thanks!

Happy Easter! We have a small update today: Paul Marshall has provided us with corrected lyrics to Willin. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to our friend Anna! Of course we also have an update! We've added some new country rock links (Ryan Adams). David Chirko's definitive list of Byrds covers has grown once again. Check it out here. Visit frequently; it's updated all the time. Thanks to English DJ Mary Payne for the Mustangs entry. Also, Hermen has solved the 12 Dimensions "mystery," writing: "The 12 Dimensions box set is a box with the last four reissues with room for the other eight. It also houses a Pete Frame familytree and some picturecards. I owe the box but find it rather disappointing." Thanks to Hermen, Mary, David and all our other contributors We appreciate it!

David has given us more additions to his Byrds covers list. We have also received input on that from Rob. Thanks to both David and Rob!

David Chirko has once again updated his wonderful list of Byrds songs covered by other artists. If you haven't seen this yet, please go there now! Also, we are grateful to Charles Carney who has helped with a lyric correction.

Happy New Year everyone. We have updated a few links, one is a link to Family Tree's (Skip Battin and John York's band) new CD. You must have to know Italian to make sense of the page. Thanks to Andrea Del Favero for the info. Also I noticed CDNOW is carrying a box set of the Byrds entitled 12 Dimensions: 1965-1972. I have no idea what this is, and there is no track listing. Perhaps we will find out soon.

Frequent contributor David Chirko has provided us with a list of ratings of Byrds albums compiled from up to 11 sources. This is extremely useful for Byrds fans to quickly find how others rated an album. Thank you David! We've also added lyrics to "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" by request from Penelope. We wish all our viewers Happy Holidays!

We've added lyrics to "Psychodrama City," "Paths of Victory," and "From A Distance" making the total 105 songs. Also, we'd like to thank Stephen Sander, who has given us corrected lyrics to "Have You Seen Her Face?"

David Chirko has added to his excellent list of Byrds covers (this time Byron Berline and his band). The update is: here. We've added lyrics to "Space Odyssey" making the total 102 songs. Finally, we've posted two new Byrds related links.

David Chirko has again graciously provided new additions to his list of Byrds songs done by other artists (this time the Coal Porters). The update is at covers.html.

David Chirko has provided new additions to his list of Byrds songs done by other artists. Go to covers.html to see the updated list.

Today we've added a new link to a site that features a cool new Roger McGuinn interview.

We've added our fifth review today. This review, also of "Byrdmaniax" is written by previous contributor David Chirko (Byrds covers list). Many thanks to him for this excellent addition to the site!

We've added another review today. It is of the Byrds album "Byrdmaniax." Also, there are now four new songs on the lyrics Page (total=101): Change is Now, Jack Taar the Sailor, Tulsa County and Fido.

Today is our first day back at school, but we're still going to keep the page updated. Today we've finished the albums page to reflect the tracks present on the re-issues. Also, we've added 3 new songs to the lyrics page: Absolute Happiness, My Destiny and Jamaica, Say You Will, and corrected several missing words on the earlier albums. The lyrics page now has 96 songs.

There has been a lot of activity on the site today. First, the reviews page now has 3 total: Nashville West (a budget Byrds album), Untitled/Unissued and the FBB 2 Disc Greatest Hits. We also have our first essay posted. It's about giving the Byrds/Burrito Brothers sound a chance if you are a rock fan. You can read it here. Also, the forum is finally up on the interactive page.

Today we have put up our first review. Although it is non-Byrds, I hope you'll find the review of Hot Burrito, the 2 disc. Flying Burrito Brothers set helpful. We are planning on having an essay on the site soon too. Also, we are updating the album/personnel list to include the bonus tracks on the new issues.

The search feature works now. Also, David Chirko has given us permission to post a list he compiled of Byrds songs covered by other artists. This is absolutely worth checking out (Byrds Covers). Finally we're setting up a forum so visitors can post questions, have discussions, etc.

The search feature still doesn't work, but hopefully it will be up and running soon. We added Willin, Lover of the Bayou, and Yesterday's Train to the lyrics page making the new total 93 songs.

Today we've added a feature to search the site so you can find what you want more easily. It is at the bottom of the start page, but it may take a couple of days to actually work. We've also signed up for a chatroom and will soon have that up and running. This will allow Byrds and Byrds related fans to get together and discuss things in real time. Finally, 7 new songs have been added to the lyrics page, bringing the total to 90 songs.

Today we've added more links, including nice Gram Parsons and Gene Clark sites. The history has been updated (and expanded), as has the article on Clarence White.

Greetings again in a rather short time period. Today we put up a few RARE Mp3 samples of Barry McGuire singing with members of the Flying Burrito Brothers sessioning (minus Gram Parsons). These songs haven't seen the light of day since 1971 when a few vinyl copies were sold. Listen well and let us know what you think.

Hello again. This Byrds page is undergoing major revisions. First, I would like to welcome my brother David to the webpage (who already has a Barry McGuire and Joe South lyrics page). With both of us working on the page we hope to have enough time to keep it updated regularly. For this reason, the page will be changing in the next few weeks. Secondly, the lyrics page is coming back and will be expanded (adding some Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, and Flying Burrito Brothers stuff). Thirdly, we want to expand the site to include information about the country and folk rock movements outside of the Byrds (but concentrating mainly on ex-Byrds and their connections). We also want to add reviews, essays, and more links. Finally, the look of the page will change too, becoming more eye pleasing and less chaotic. Keep checking back!

I am finally shutting the lyrics page down. There are 2 main reasons. 1) I have not updated in over a year and I am busier than ever 2) there is a byrds lyrics website that has everything (including some tabs). I am sorry for the inconvenience. I encourage you all to visit the Byrds Lyrics Page for all of your lyric needs. Thanks and have a great New Year. NOTE: LYRICS PAGE IS NOW BACK UP

I've decided to keep the lyrics pages up and running since so many people find them useful. Still, I cannot accept new lyrics at this time. Thanks and a blessed New Year!

Due to my time commitments I am shutting down the lyrics page for good. The other pages will stay up, but will not be updated too regularly. I regret having to do this, but I don't have much of a choice. The lyrics page will be up until October 15th, so get all of the lyrics now! If anyone has a website and wants to use what I've compiled, by all means, do so, but let me know so I can link to you.

The total is at 83, with 10 more added to "Sweetheart of the Rodeo". All of the new contributions come from Christian. Thanks a lot Christian!!

The lyrics archive will be greatly expanding in the coming couple of weeks. Awhile back, Christian Henriksson submitted a lot of lyrics. I have already added eight songs from Fifth Dimension, and more will definitely be coming.

I have added "print pages" to allow users to print the pages. I had already changed the lyrics, but I forgot about the other documents. Simply follow the links at the top of each page. Also, for those who have contributed lyrics over the summer and recently, I will get them up! It was a hectic summer, and now fall is following the same pattern. Please keep sending contributions/suggestions/comments. Thanks again!

Sorry for the long delays, but my computer crashed a long time ago and I just got it up and running. I've updated and corrected many lyrics, so check out the lyric archive. Thanks to those who sent them to me. I've given you credit in the individual song sections. If I missed anyone, let me know. Also, my e-mail for February is missing, so if you sent me anything then, please re send it and I will get to it. Thanks to everyone for their patience and contributions!

The lyrics archive is updated. There are now 63 songs! They are up because of the contribution of Gilberto Magroski, thanks once again to him. Some songs are incomplete, so if you know the missing words, please let me know.

I apologize for the pop-up advertisements. They are NOT my doing, but that of GeoCities. It is a minor inconvenience, but I hope you will continue to visit these pages. I know my lyrics updating has been slow, but I will pick up the pace. Gilberto Magroski has contributed quite a few lyrics which I will try to put up soon. Many thanks to Gilberto Magroski!

Happy New Year! I'm trying a new look for these pages. I'm trying to jazz them up a little, make them a little more colorful, like the music of The Byrds. All of the backgrounds for the main pages are my original creations. I've made the backgrounds of the individual lyrics pages white to make them easier to read. I hope you enjoy the new changes.

Do you have a copy of the bootleg album "Live Twytter" that you would possibly want to copy for a friend of mine? Please let me know. Thanks!

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