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The Byrds
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Roger McGuinn
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The Byrds

The Byrds Homepage
This is the official Byrds Page, maintained by Kenton Adler. Roger McGuinn contributes to the site and it has a lot of exclusive items (like online songs) not available anywhere else.

This page (formerly the Byrds Nest) by Richard Russell is very comprehensive and informative. It has a lot of great information on the Byrds and individual members. It goes beyond The Byrds also, with links to Bob Dylan and Moog sites to name a few.

Tim Connors' has an excellent page that features a wealth of information on nearly every topic imaginable. It has trivia and forum style feedback, album reviews, interviews and much more.

The Byrds Tape Trading Page
McByrds has a lot of great tapes that he is willing to trade with Byrds fans. He has a lot of interesting bootlegs that he grades on sound quality. Everything here is trade only, nothing for sale.

The Byrds
Jim Corey has created a very comprehensive and well-designed links page. It includes The Byrds, collectively and individually, their offshoot bands, musical influences, and musical contemporaries.

Byrds Online Appreciation Society
Tom Robinson has a very nice page with information, reviews, and a lot of links.

Raoul Verolleman is webmaster of this fine site. He provides information regarding the appearances of Byrds and ex-Byrds on official and unofficial records. He also has info on fanzines, posters, and picture sleeves as well as links. There are many unique things to see on this page.

Byrds Page at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
This site includes information and a timeline.

Columbia/Legacy Byrds Page
This page, done by the Byrds' record label is probably the "official" Byrds site. It contains photos, album release information, and Byrds e-postcards.

Byrds Parts
Raven Records has an excellent concept: taking songs from Byrds and Byrds related musicians and compiling it into great albums. This link is on our server, but has detailed information, inclusing Raven's website.

Clarence White

Clarence White'sFootprints On the Records
Koji Kihara has created an excellent, must see site on Clarence White. It has a comprehensive(and I mean comprehensive!) discography of Clarence White, as well has some great links.

Goondaddy's Clarence White Page
Jeff Wall's page has Clarence info and reviews. Jeff has great taste in music and knows a lot about bluegrass and country artists. He gives a short review of the album "Nashville West" and lists various links.

Clarence White Tribute Page
Jeremy Bierlien's site is excellent with some nice pictures, a few quotes, and links.

Roger McGuinn

Roger McGuinn Home Page
This site is maintained by Roger McGuinn himself and has a bunch of great things for fans. This site has news, information, free downloadable music, links, info on his albums and much, much more. Visit it and you won't be disappointed. McGuinn Interview has treated us to a new Roger McGuinn interview where he discusses his love of folk music, technology, and much more. Check out this excellent interview!

The Folk Den
This is Roger McGuinn's acclaimed site where he continues the tradition of the folk process of storytelling and the singing of songs. A new song performed by McGuinn is added every month for your listening pleasure (and preservation via the web). Plus, it's free.

Appleseed Records
Appleseed Recordings is releasing Treasures from the Folk Den, Roger McGuinn's first studio CD in a decade. It is an outgrowth of the "Folk Den" song postings on Roger's Internet site. The album consists of 18 traditional folk songs, most of which originally appeared on his "Folk Den" page, but are presented here in re-recorded versions, mostly in collaboration with guest artists/friends/influences including Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins. Go to their site for more information

Gram Parsons

The Gram Parsons Homepage
Larry Klug has created an absolutely wonderful Gram Parsons site. This page includes a discography, photo gallery, reviews, guitar tab, links, intereractive features (such as chat and forum) and much, much more. Any fan of Parsons or the Byrds should check this out.

Nudie's Rodeo Trailer
This is the official homepage for Nudie, the fashion genius behind the outfits of many celebrities, including Gram and the Burrito Brothers. The Byrds, Burritos, and Gram pioneered the sound; Nudie gave them (the last two) the look. The site includes a store, photos, links, discussion, an album of Nudie on the mandolina and much more. I am pleased to have come across this site.

Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young

4 Way Site
Check out this cool Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young site by Dolf Van Stijgeron. It includes: A complete overview of all CSN&Y sites, wallpapers, rare releases, screen savers, photos, and more!

A Biography On Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Sometimes Young
This excellent CSN and Y page details an upcoming biography on the band. The authors seem to be doing an excellent job on their research and the book should be great. Visit this page to read about the project, see some of the book's photos, learn about the authors, order a copy and more.

Gene Clark

Gene Clark Homepage
Ralf has a fine Gene Clark Page. The site has pictures, articles and a bulletin board. It is hard to access sometimes, but keep trying. It's well worth it.

Gene Clark
This is an excellent Gene Clark site. Visit it and you'll find news, mp3s, a forum, an extensive photo gallery, links, and more. This is a great, complete resource for Gene Clark and Byrds fans.

Chris Hillman

Chris Hillman Website
Hillman has given us a wonderfully designed and informative website, which is a "must visit" for all Byrds fans. It has tour dates, a discography, photo gallery, links, reviews, and much more.

Gene Parsons

Stringbender/Gene Parsons
This cool site is a dual stringbender guitar-Gene Parsons site. You can find information on the stringbender as well as ordering information. You can also find information on Gene Parsons, a multi-talented musician, and his projects and order his albums.

John York

John York's Website
John York's excellent website has a lot of great information about him including his albums, public performances, photos, and more. Check it out!

Record Companies/Stores

Sierra Records Homepage
Their homepage is now online. It includes their catalog along with detailed reviews and track listings of the albums they offer. The site also includes ordering information. A goldmine of releases, especially for fans of country rock. John Delgatto is truly keeping this genre alive. Their e-mail is now

Family Tree's album
This company put out Family Tree's album (former Byrds Skip Battin and John York) in Italy. The site is confusing and I found no way to sample the sounds. Either way, the album exists, and you might find info on it, but it might be best to know Italian!
This excellent site features music from the 60s, 70s & 80s and suggests where users can find other resources on featured artists. The Byrds part includes a discography, online resources, and a place to buy a poster.

White Rabbit CDs
This is an excellent commercial music site that specializes in artists from 1965-1975, although they also carry new releases. They will also help you find those rare releases you have been searching for at competitive prices. The webpage also includes a trivia game (with a chance to win great stuff), artist bios, a forum, links and more.

Non Byrds

The Bender Guy
This is the homepage of "bender style" guitarist Dan Schafer. His page includes information on his instructional video which shows how to play bender guitar, along with an interesting bio and photos. He plays guitar for Shania Twain.

The Poco Legacy Homepage
This is a fine website by Mike Edmunds devoted to Poco, with sound clips, merchandise, tour dates, and more. There is a page on the Souther-Hillman-Furay band as well. He promises more to come.

Mark Diedrich: Americana Singer/Songwriter
Mark is a singer/songwriter whose style is very similar to the Byrds. Visit this page for his CD information, biography, reviews of his albums, news, and links.

That Rickenbacker Sound
A group of artists with music sites on have put together a nice "station" site containing nothing but songs featuring Rickenbacker guitars. Many of the songs are Byrds influenced and Byrds-sounding. Currently it has 29 songs by 28 artists, but it is growing daily.

Barry Mcguire Album Page
This page has a listing of most of Barry's albums, from his pure folk originals, to his more folk-rock material, to his current albums with former Mason Proffitt member Terry Talbot. This page is maintained by David, co-maintainer of this site.

Joe South Lyrics and Music Page
Joe South was one of the most talked about song writers and producers of the 1960s. We have included lyrics from some of his popular and rare songs.

Townes Van Zandt Central
Townes is an excellent folk artist who very often made treks into country. This page has a lot of information about the critically acclaimed singer.

Barry McGuire's Own Page
This is the official page of Barry Mcguire. Recently he was on the new PBS special featuring Roger McGuinn as well as the New Christy Minstrels. What a great show!

Vigilantes of Love
VOL is one of the best modern bands with a country-rock sound. We first heard their music in 1996, and were taken again with their style in 1998 when we heard their masterpiece, "To The Roof of the Sky." Kenny Hutson, Mandolin, Guitar, and Steel player, reminds us of Gram Parsons.

This is the site of the hot (the girls are hot too!) country band SheDaisy. Visit here to sample music, contact the girls, find out about events, and much much more.

Weird Solitude
Inyo has put together a free Cyber CD called Weird Solitude. It features 25 acoustic instrumentals performed on the 12 String. Most are famous oldies and/or folk songs, like "Greenback Dollar" and "Proud Mary." He does the Byrds song "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better." All songs can be downloaded in either Real Audio or Windows Media.

The Chantigs
This is a band that is influenced by the Byrds and the Beach Boys (as well as the Flaming Lips). They performed 2 Gene Clark songs for a tribute album as well (although which one I'm not sure). Although I haven't listened to them, they sound like they should be pretty good.

Ryan Adams
This official page has tons of info on former Whiskeytown singer/songwriter Ryan Adams including tour dates, links, biography, etc. Check him out!

Ryan Adams Homepage
This is another Ryan Adams site (maintained by Jason Leonard) that has a lot of great stuff including news, discography, sounds, lyrics and more. The webpage also includes a lot on his Whiskeytown period. Their version of Return of the Grievous Angel is really good. For a nice site, go here.

Bucktown Kickback
This is an alt-bluegrass band from central Ohio. We have seen them live, and enjoyed them very much (and the show was free, yet better than most $50-per-ticket acts floating around). As we heard them play, many bands came to mind, such as the Flying Burrito Brothers, Dillard and Clark, Railroad Earth, and of course the Byrds. David swore that about three of their songs had similar chords to "Train Leaves Here This Morning," by Dillard and Clark (and the Eagles). Either way, check them out, since they play creative original Americana tunes.

Different Faces: Back to the Roots
The Different Faces are mainly influenced by the music of US Westcoast groups of the 60s and 70s (Byrds, CSNY, Eagles, America etc.), but have also developed their own unique path on their two albums. Visit this excellent site for loads of information on the band including history, reviews, samples and much more. Their latest CD includes a cover version of "Crazy Ladies" that has been well received by Byrds fans.

Byrds of A Feather
Awhile back Andrew Gold announced that he wanted to bring together a Byrds tribute band and this is the fruit of his labors. The site doesn't have much now, but you can get on the mailing list and check out the bands upcoming performances. With excellent musicians (including the well known, multi-talented Gold) and great songs that you know from the Byrds, this band is a must see! Go here for more information.

Oseeo Music
Check out the website of this cool band, which is strongly influenced by the Byrds. The website has information on the band, their new CD, and some mp3s (including an excellent version of Gene Clark's "Feeling Higher." Sneaky Pete Kleinow of the Burrito Brothers is a guest on the CD "Perilous Rescue." Be sure to visit!

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