BYRD PARTS 2 (More Oddities, Curios, Rarities & Essentials by members of the Byrds, alone and together – 1962-1986) RVCD-165


The 1998 release of Raven’s Byrd Parts was greeted with considerable joy by the Byrds collector community. The painstakingly compiled 24 track CD brought together Oddities, Curios, Rarities & Essentials by members of the Byrds, alone and together, 1964-1980. Inviting buyers to nominate inclusions, Raven has prepared a second volume even more enticing than the first. This edition, spanning 1962-1986, includes rare and precious recordings by the Byrds as the Jet Set, the young David Crosby alone and with Les Baxter’s Balladeers, Gene Clark with Chip Douglas, the Flying Burrito Bros, Roger McGuinn and Textones, the (70s) Byrds with Earl Scruggs, Jim McGuinn with Hoyt Axton, Judy Collins and the City Surfers, Gram Parsons with Delaney & Bonnie, Clarence White with Johnny Darrell and the Everly Brothers, an unissued McGuinn film song, and more.


Key Features


Track Listing

1. YOU MOVIN’ – The Jet Set (aka The Byrds)

2. BRISBANE LADIES – Hoyt Axton & Jim McGuinn

3. BAIION – Les Baxter’s Balladeers

4. JACK OF DIAMONDS – David Crosby

5. GET TOGETHER – David Crosby

6. BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLUES – David Crosby (Previously unreleased)

7. BEACH BALL – The City Surfers

8. SUN TAN BABY – The City Surfers

9. TURN, TURN, TURN – Judy Collins

10. WHY CAN’T I HAVE HER BACK AGAIN? – Gene Clark (Previously unreleased)

11. IF I HANG AROUND – Gene Clark & Chip Douglas (Previously unreleased)

12. TILL TODAY – The Rose Garden

13. LONG TIME – The Rose Garden

14. NOVEMBER NIGHTS – Peter Fonda

15. APPLE TREE – Johnny Rivers

16. TUFF & STRINGY – Clarence White

17. I’M ON MY WAY HOME AGAIN – The Everly Brothers


19. WILLIN’ – Johnny Darrell

20. YOU AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE – Earl Scruggs Family & Friends with The Byrds

21. NOTHIN’ TO IT – Earl Scruggs Family & Friends with The Byrds

22. ROCK OF AGES – Delaney & Bonnie & Friends

23. TRIED SO HARD – Flying Burrito Brothers (Features original Byrds as guest performers)

24. KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR – Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark (Previously unreleased)

25. SHOOT ‘EM – Roger McGuinn (Previously unreleased)

26. MAKING MOVIES – McGuinn & Hillman

27. JOKERS ARE WILD – The Textones (Features original Byrds as guest performers)

28. LOVER’S TURNAROUND – Gene Clark & Carla Olson


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