Byrds News Items

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Clarence White # 41 On Rolling Stone Top Guitar List
He should've been Top 10, but at least this is a recognition of his legendary playing


McGuinn Cancels Lawsuit
According to Roger McGuinn's latest press release, he has dropped his lawsuit against Microsoft
after "remembering" he took the "Eight Miles High" chords from John Coltrane. When reading McGuinn's
press releases on this matter, keep in mind McGuinn's ironic sense of humor. ;-) Yet, he makes an
excellent point. (Thanks to Tim of Reveries Magazine for the tip)


Skip Battin Dies
Latter day Byrds bassist Clyde "Skip" Battin died on July 6, 2003, at the age of 69. He will
be sorely missed

McGuinn Sues Microsoft
Roger McGuinn is suing Microsoft for copyright infringement for ripping off "Eight Miles High"
in the closing music of Windows XP. (Thanks to Tim of Reveries Magazine for the tip)

Sweetheart of the Rodeo Re-Release as Double CD
According to Ice Magazine (via byrdsflight) Sweetheart is being re-released as a Double CD,
featuring much unreleased material, especially by Gram Parsons. It's due on 2 September, 2003.

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