Byrds Album Ratings


Thirty Byrds Albums Rated From Up To Sixteen Sources, Compiled By David Chirko, Sudbury ON (see:,,,



Album  Average Score  Sources  &  Individual Ratings (# out of 5 points)


Byrds Box--4.8

AMG-5, MHR-5, RRG-5, RSA-5, VIE-5;


Mr. Tambourine Man—4.75

AAR-4.75, AMA-5, AMG-5, JFR-4, MHR-5, MRR-4.5, RRG-5, RSA-5, RSR-5, VAT-5, VIE-4;


Notorious Byrd Brothers—4.667

AAR-5, AMA-5, AMG-5, MHR-4, MRR-4, RRG-5, RSA-4, RSR-4, RST2-5, VAT-5, VFM-5, VIE-5;


Turn! Turn! Turn!--4.625

AAR-4.25, AMA-4.5, AMG-5, JFR-3.5, MHR-5*, MRR-5, RSA-5, RSR-5, VAT-5, VIE-4;


Younger Than Yesterday—4.596

AAR-4.25, AMA-5, AMG-5, JFR-4, MHR-4, MRR-4.5, RRG-5, RSA-4, RSR-4, RST2-5, VAT-5, VFM-5, VIE-5;


Greatest Hits—4.583

AMA-4.5, AMG-5, MHR-4, RSA-5, RSR-5, VIE-4;


Very Best Of (1997)—4.5

AMA-5, VIE-4;


Sweetheart Of The Rodeo—4.438

AAR-3.75, AMA-4.5, AMG-5, JFR-4, MHR-5, MRR-2.5, RSA-4.5, RSR-5, RST-5, VAT-5, VFM-5, VIE-4;


Original Singles Volume I—4.4

AMA-5, AMG-5, MHR-3, RSA-5, VIE-4;


Fifth Dimension—4.318

AAR-4, AMA-5, AMG-5, JFR-4.5, MHR-3, MRR-4.5, RSA-3.5, RSR-4, SH-5, VAT-5, VIE-4;


Definitive Collection—4



Ballad Of Easy Rider—3.813

AAR-3.5, AMA-4.5, AMG-4, MHR-3, MRR-3, RSA-4.5, RSR-5**, VIE-3;



AAR-4.25, AMA-4.5, AMG-4, HIE-5, MHR-4, MRR-1.5, RSA-4, RSR-3, VIE-4;


Twenty Essential Tracks—3.8

AMA-4, AMG-3, MHR-4, RSA-4, VIE-4;



Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde—3.5

AAR-4.5, AMA-4.5, AMG-3, MHR-3, MRR-4, RSA-3, RSR-3, VIE-3;


Original Singles Volume II—3.5

AMG-4, VIE-3;


3 Byrds Land In London—3.5



Very Best Of (1986)—3.5

MHR-3, RSA-4;


Never Before—3.4

AMG-3, MHR-4, MRR-4, RSA-3, VIE-3;


In The Beginning—3.333

AMA-4, AMG-3, RSA-3, VIE-3;


Live At The Fillmore 1969—3.313

AAR-3.25, AMA-4, AMG-3, MRR-3;



AAR-3.5, AMG-3, MHR-3, MRR-3.5, RSA-3.5, RSR-4, VIE-2;


Greatest Hits Volume II—3

AMA-3, AMG-2, MHR-3, RSA-5, RSR-2, VIE-3;


Byrds Play Dylan—3

AMG-2, MHR-3, RSA-4;


History Of—3

AMG-2, VIE-4;


Byrds Collection—3



Farther Along—2.571

AAR-3.5, AMA-4, AMG-3, MHR-2, MRR-2.5, RSA-3, VIE-0;



AAR-3.25, AMA-3, AMG-2, MHR-2, MRR-1.5, RSA-3, VIE-2;



AMA-2, AMG-2, MHR-1, MRR-2.5, RSA-2, VIE-3;


Doin’ All Right—0.5

AMG-1, VIE-0;



*in another edition; **”masterpiece”


Average score of all albums: 3.597/5 points




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AMA (October, 2000)

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HIE The Harmony Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock (1988) [album 5/5 if “Worth Searching Out”]

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MHR Music Hound Rock The Essential Album Guide (1996)

MRR Mark Prindle’s Record Review Guide

RRG Rock the Rough Guide (1996) [album 5/5 if included]

RSA Rolling Stone Album Guide (1992)

RSR Rolling Stone Record Guide (1979)

RST Rolling Stone (magazine) Top 100 Albums Of The Last 20 Years (1987) [album 5/5 if included]

RST2 Rolling Stone (magazine) Top 100 Albums (1997) [album 5/5 if included)

SH Sunday Herald (September 2002) “the best (105) albums ever…honest” by

 David Keenan (album 5/5 if included)

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VFM Vanity Fair (magazine) (November 2000) “The Best Of The Best (Elvis) Costello’s 500” [5/5]

VIE Virgin Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Rock (1998)



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